aka Hawk, Hawky or Hawkehh

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in A secret location hehe
  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is Listening to rock music.. Daydreaming.. Fangirling.....
  • I am pshhh awesome duh
Current Goal: 300 edits


Hello!! You, fortunate user, have stumbled upon my userpage!! I'm re-doing it so there isnt much yet. I hope you like it though and feel free to talk to me or ask any questions on my talk page!

Stuff about meh: Edit

My nickname is Hawk~

I live in Muricaaa~

My favorite color is black~

I Loveee The Walking Dead~

Im emo~

I like Soul Eater~

I also love Supernatural ~

I have one kitteh :3 ~

Music is my life~

I onlyy like rock music~

In my opinion, other music is terrible **** ~

My Favorites and Least Favorites:Edit

Favorite Good Cat: Ashfur!!! (NO HES NOT EVIL)

Favorite Bad Cat: Mapleshade

Favorite Book: Sunrise

Favorite Couple: CloudxBright or BrackenxSorrel

Least Favorite Good Cat: Spiderleg/Squirrelflight

Least Favorite Bad Cat: Breezepelt

 Least Favorite Book: Don't have one!!

Least Favorite Couple: SpiderxDaisy

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